Do you also waste money on Facebook promotions?

I don’t remember how many times did I click a Facebook ad, which took me to the canvas app asking me authorize it immediately. Even before I saw the landing page of the application. But I do remember, how many times did I go through. ZERO! Why would I? I have no idea what is the application about. It usually asks me to provide my email address as well, not explaining why. Do you give your email address to anyone? No, you don’t. And do you know what’s the worst about it?

The worst is, that the campaigns are often created by digital agencies which consider themselves experts in social media marketing. Well, I can tell you only one. They aren’t and they are wasting their client’s money. This is one of the basic rules for doing promotions on Facebook. You have to give users an incentive to authorize the application and let it access their email addresses. You also have to ask for permission as late as possible and only for the ones which you really need. The drop off rate would be pretty big if you fail doing that.

Another type of such illogical mechanism is, when you are on a page, you click the tab (usually a promotion) and you are redirected to the canvas app being asked to authorize the app instead of seeing a nice “Like me” landing page whilst staying on the page. Sounds unbelievable? Maybe, but a lot of agencies keep doing promotions for their premium clients this way and charging them a lot of money for that. Where do we live?

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