Outsourcing yes or no?

Outsourcing yes or noDo you prefer having a full control over your team, being able to see what they are doing and come talking to them anytime? Or do you focus on results and the most important is to have the project done as specified, within the budget and on time? Many of us think that full control is the right and only way to a successful project. I tell you one secret, it’s not. How does this answer the question about outsourcing? Let me explain.

Imagine that you are walking in Central Park enjoying the Manhattan skyline, maybe chillin’ on Hawaii watching surfers, or even running on Malibu beach, well, watching surfers. Yes, I imagined Hawaii and it took me a bit to get back to the point. So, you get the idea to start selling satin scarves from China (which you couldn’t find for your wife anywhere around) and handmade glass from France (because you love wine and are tired of cheap Ikea glasses). You find suppliers, purchase goods and your fulfillment center takes care of shipping. There is one thing missing. Online. You need websites to sell the goods, you may want to sell on Ebay as well and you realize that good social media will increase your sales. Some advertising will also be handy. What options do you have?

You start with Craigslist, Yellow pages or Google and find a local agency, which will do everything for you. And charge over $100 per hour for it. You do your homework and realize that you would need to double your estimated sales to be able to afford that. So you go to cheaper agencies. But you feel that buzz is missing there and something is telling you that it won’t be a good idea. You started losing passion. Luckily for you, there is a good friend of yours who made a fortune on an iPhone game, ready to help. But instead of giving an advice, he asks you one, yet very simple question. “When you want to sell online and you purchase goods online, why don’t you shop for services online as well?” BANG! You run home, turn your Mac on and keep your wife in bed on her own. You are like glued to your chair and stuck to the screen when you realize that you can save way over 50% of the costs and get the same quality. Then the sun shows up, telling you that morning is approaching. So you give it a try.

What is your experience with outsourcing?