This is life

(I found this on my laptop, it’s a thing which I wrote about a year ago)

I’m on the plane. I look outside the window and everything is the same. I see only clouds and water. I’ve realised, that I’m fulfilling one of my dreams. One of my biggest childhood’s dreams. We all have dreams and desires. Even big and unreal. But are they really unreal? No, they are NOT (unless the dream isn’t to fly like Superman). There are people who could fulfill their dreams already. So everyone can, we can. It’s not about their luck. It’s about us.

My friend told me that I inspire her with my travels and stuff. Wow! It totally took me by surprise. It was the first time that I’ve been told that. And it makes me feel bloody amazing. Yes. I won’t hide it. Why should I, because I’m supposed to? It gave me the feeling that I’m really different than other people (it’s not important that everybody is). I’ve finally realised that. I’m special. I’m awesome.But it has also made me think why was that. What happened and what’s so special?

I’ve always thought that I was an usual, nice and intelligent guy. No, I wasn’t insecure. I was confident. But I just thought that I wasn’t special enough to attract masses. I wasn’t the most favourite guy at high school (actually, I was the opposite) or university, or any other group of people. Then, my whole life had changed. I had to walk through the most difficult period in my life. My life didn’t have any sense for a while. But I didn’t cry for help.

I was ready to challenge it. I was ready to WIN. I started travelling. I lived in a foreign country for a while and I made very good friends there (I miss you guys). I met people from all around the world, I learnt what life was about. I did not live only from morning to evening. I lived the whole one, I wasn’t commited to anyone and to anything. Things have changed. People around me liked me more than I was used to. I took me some time to realise, because the change came slowly. And it’s not that easy to notice when things are changing like that. But I still didn’t know what has changed.

We all live in the wrong idea. We think that people around us judge us and we have to behave like they expect us to. That’s bullshit. You live like that and you are like everybody else. You don’t want to stand out and to be different, because you aren’t used to it. It’s uncomfortable for you. You don’t want to be seen doing thing which other people don’t do. But you also want to be interesting, you have crazy ideas and want to try crazy things.

You love dancing and would love to start taking dancing lessons, but you are afraid that your beer mates would make fun of you and start talking gay jokes? F..k them. It will change when they notice that you make more female friends than they have all together. They will envy you. You’ll become their “hero” and inspire them to do the same. You can’t live within the usual routines and be interesting at the same time. Just do what you want to do. You’ll feel much better, because you will start fulfilling your dreams.

Girls, have you always dreamt about approaching a hot guy in the street, but you haven’t done it because you think that other people would think that you are a slut? Don’t care about them. They’ll be jealous that you’ve got “balls” to do it. And who knows, maybe that guy really appreciates you approach and a hot date will follow. You will step out from the cage called “life” and start living the real LIFE. You will become yourself, you will have much more energy and you will attract much more people. Just don’t be afraid and scared to change things. Don’t try doing things, DO things.

I’m still on the plane. I can’t see water because of the clouds anymore. But it’s there. I know it, because it’s the Pacific ocean. I’ve had a dream to visit this place since I was a child and heard about it for the first time. I’m so happy, that one of the couple of things from my “todo” list can be checked. I’ve changed my life and that’s the only reason why I’m allowed to do this. Life is not what others expect you to do. This is life.