4 things that I learned in 2014

Each year, at the end of December, I like to look back at the year, summarize it and set a roadmap for the following one. It’s a great tradition that my wife came up with 5 years ago (thanks love). It helps me see how successful am I at living my life. This summary, however, is only a list of facts what happened in the past and what I want to happen in the future. The most important is to analyze those fact and LEARN. That’s what made me realize my strengths, weaknesses and opportunities to improve.

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This is life

(I found this on my laptop, it’s a thing which I wrote about a year ago)

I’m on the plane. I look outside the window and everything is the same. I see only clouds and water. I’ve realised, that I’m fulfilling one of my dreams. One of my biggest childhood’s dreams. We all have dreams and desires. Even big and unreal. But are they really unreal? No, they are NOT (unless the dream isn’t to fly like Superman). There are people who could fulfill their dreams already. So everyone can, we can. It’s not about their luck. It’s about us.

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