3 easy steps to choose the right freelancer

PartnershipFreelancers are pretty good at selling themselves and making them look better than they are. The competition is pretty high, so they need to stand out for a chance to get a good project. The problem is, that they focus more on getting the job than on working, what hurts your project and wastes your time and money. There are few easy steps which let you test freelancers trying to get your job. They help you separate the wheat from the chaff. Are you ready?

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How do you build a remote team?

BuildI’ve worked with remote teams for a few years. Some of the freelancers were great, some were OK and of course, some of them helped me get some grey hair. I’ve discovered a process which help you evaluate the freelancer pretty fast. You need to focus on a few significant signs and behavior patterns which tell you a lot about anyone. But before I tell you a bit more about it, let’s step back and start with helping you to determine what do you need from your freelancers and how to search for them.

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