Tricks to grow your blog audience with Facebook

Grow your blog audience with FacebookPromoting your blog, business or brand on Facebook (and other social media) is like sex. Everyone thinks that they they know how to do it and that they are good at it.

When you are integrating Facebook, you have to realize, what Facebook is for. I had a short presentation about Facebook integration to a blog at a WordPress meetup in Vienna. It was interesting to hear how they described Facebook, when I didn’t let them use the words “social” and “network”. Of course, I got many answers and all of them were correct. For example, I’ve learned that Facebook is a time killer or a place to share photos. But have ever thought that Facebook might be something else for you when you are a blogger or business?

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How do you build a remote team?

BuildI’ve worked with remote teams for a few years. Some of the freelancers were great, some were OK and of course, some of them helped me get some grey hair. I’ve discovered a process which help you evaluate the freelancer pretty fast. You need to focus on a few significant signs and behavior patterns which tell you a lot about anyone. But before I tell you a bit more about it, let’s step back and start with helping you to determine what do you need from your freelancers and how to search for them.

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Outsourcing yes or no?

Outsourcing yes or noDo you prefer having a full control over your team, being able to see what they are doing and come talking to them anytime? Or do you focus on results and the most important is to have the project done as specified, within the budget and on time? Many of us think that full control is the right and only way to a successful project. I tell you one secret, it’s not. How does this answer the question about outsourcing? Let me explain. Continue reading Outsourcing yes or no?